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11 All Inclusive Winery Wedding Packages In North California

all inclusive winery wedding packages

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If you’re a lover of wine and all inclusive winery wedding packages, surely you’ve heard of the Wine Country Region in Northern California. 

You get to enjoy some of the world’s premier wines without even needing to get out your passport. 

If you’ve never been, we more than encourage you to visit, but if you have been, well, there’s nothing stopping you from coming back! 

There are tons of reasons to get married in Wine Country, but we won’t judge you if enjoying some of the best wines in the world is your only one. 

That’s pretty valid! 

Though, if you keep reading, you’ll see that you get some gorgeous views and historic venues to boot. 

If you’re here, you might already be considering a wedding in Wine Country. 

When you’re thinking about how to find all inclusive Winery Wedding Packages In North California or how to set one up for your own wedding, there are many things to keep in mind. 

But don’t fret, Milestone is here to help. 

For one thing, the location, which we’ve already established is North California. 

Well, North California is a very big place and it will especially seem that way if you’re coming from a smaller state on the East Coast. 

You’ve likely already heard the name Napa, but other Wine Country localities include Calistoga, Santa Rosa, Sonoma, Calistoga, and Hearldsburg. 

Because of this size, there is a wide variety of all inclusive Winery Wedding Packages In North California for you to choose from.

But, of course, we have our own favorites that we’d like to share some of them with you here.

all inclusive winery wedding packages

11 All Inclusive Winery Wedding Packages In North California

Are you more rustic? 




No matter your wedding vibe, there is a Wine Country venue for you that we can’t wait for you to fall in love with. 

Charles Krug Winery

Located in St. Helena, Charles Krug Winery is a historic winery that boasts over 150 years in the Napa Valley. 

For the nature-loving newlyweds, the venue features incredible Oak and Redwood trees as well as stunning views of the winery’s vineyards. 

The historic Carriage House also features grand Cathedral ceilings and intricate woodwork all over the interior. 

Sounds like you’ll get some gorgeous photos! 

Charles Krug Winery has a price range between $10,000-$15,000 and can hold up to 350 guests indoors and up to 800 guests outdoors. 

St. Francis Winery

If you’re looking for something more intimate, St. Francis Winery in Santa Rosa might be the venue for you. 

This venue promises spectacular views of the Sonoma County Mountains, and the winery’s bell tower makes for an ideal backdrop for your wedding pictures. 

With a spacious patio and a built-in dance floor, St. Francis Winery guarantees a fabulous outdoor wedding. 

St. Francis Winery has a price range between $5,500-$10,500 and can hold up to 200 guests, though it’s an excellent venue for even just 25 guests. 

all inclusive winery wedding packages

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Triple S Ranch

Triple S Ranch in Calistoga has everything you would want for your wedding day. 

Spanning over 20 acres, the property has several spaces for you to host your wedding events, from a barn to a Walnut tree to an outdoor infinity pool (and a hot tub!). 

Plus there are 21 beautiful rooms for you and your guests to rent overnight for the ultimate wedding weekend getaway. 

Triple S Ranch has a price range between $12,00-$25,000 and can hold up to 200 guests. 

Vitners Resort 

Located in Santa Rosa, Vitners Resort is the ideal winery venue for any event. 

The property offers several breathtaking indoor and outdoor locations, so you can pick your perfect backdrop. 

And if you and your spouse are foodies, you’re in luck. 

The venue also boasts an acclaimed culinary team and a selection of award winning wines. 

Vintners Resort has a price range between $9,500-$15,000 and can hold up to 300 guests. 

wine couple

Paradise Ridge Winery

Here we have another Santa Rosa venue! 

Santa Rosa brings the heat as you can see.

Paradise Ridge Winery offers some of the most unique views in Northern California. 

You and your guests can enjoy sweeping views of Russian River Valley as well as an aerial view of the Santa Rosa city lights at night. 

You also get full use of the venue’s famous illuminated LOVE sign for some truly Pinterest-worthy pictures. 

Paradise Ridge Winery has a price range between $7,000-$10,000 and can hold up to 250 guests. 

Villa Chanticleer

Located in Healdsburg, Villa Chanticleer is an award-winning resort that has been delighting guests for over 110 years. 

Villa Chanticleer sits atop Fitch Mountain, which guarantees the  most gorgeous views of Wine Country, and you can easily access the charming town of Healdsburg

Described as a “hidden gem”, you and your guests can enjoy the lush gardens and immaculate service the resort has to offer. 

Villa Chanticleer has a price range between $4,500-$7,500 and can hold up to 250 guests. 

all inclusive winery wedding packages

Stemple Creek Ranch

Stemple Creek Ranch in Marin County offers you the private ranch experience of your dreams. 

The venue offers multiple locations so you can truly personalize your wedding, as well as 360 degree views of breathtaking backdrops. 

Plus, you get the rustic, spacious beauty of the barn itself to complement the natural beauty of the setting. 

At Stemple Creek Ranch, you’ll surely have the chicest of weddings,

Stemple Creek Ranch has a price range between $10,000-$16,400 and holds up to 350 guests. 

Truett Hurst Winery

Another great option in Healdsburg is Truett Hurst Winery. 

If you and your spouse really want that nature-filled wedding experience, you’ll appreciate that the venue deeply prioritizes the wellbeing of the plants and livestock. 

You and your guests get to enjoy the vibrant estate and the charming town of Healdsburg with the added bonus of delicious wines. 

Truett Hurst Winery has a price range between $6,500-$7,500 and can hold up to 200 guests. 

winery marriage

Sbragia Family Vineyards 

Located in Geyserville, Sbragia Family Vineyards is the ideal wedding venue if you’re looking for something more modern and glamorous in Wine Country. 

You and your guests can enjoy the best hospitality, incredible views, and out-of-this-world award-winning wines. 

We especially suggest that you take advantage of this wonderful venue during golden hour. 

Sbragia Family Vineyards has a price range between $4,500-$6,500 and holds up to 150 guests. 

Pellegrini Wine Company 

Surely you and your guests will have fun just with the name of this venue

If you’re still not totally sure if you want a more traditional or more modern wedding, Pellegrini Wine Company in Santa Rosa gives you the best of both worlds. 

The vibe is described as “industrial chic” while still getting a Wine Country ambiance. 

Plus, the venue boasts a dining and dancing space in the center of their vineyards. 

That’s something your guests have definitely never seen before.

Pellegrini Wine Company has a price range between $5,000-$7,500 and holds up to 300 guests. 

winery bride groom

Russian River Vineyards

Russian River Vineyards began as a farm in the 1890’s but now delights guests as a gorgeous and historic wedding venue. 

Located in Forestville, you can have your ceremony in the vines of a large oak tree then enjoy dinner overlooking the hills of Russian River Valley. 

You also get easy access to Forestville and nearby Sebastopol if you’re looking to do some exploring. 

And if you’re looking to add a bit of fun into the equation, their recently renovated Toasting Room feels like a Speakeasy. 

The Wrap Up

Here you have 11 of our favorite all inclusive winery wedding packages in North California.

You have some great options at several different price points that span all over Wine Country and have things to offer for every kind of couple and wedding. 

Here at Milestone, we never tire of talking about weddings, Wine Country, and certainly not all inclusive winery wedding packages in North California. 

We know winery weddings inside and out, and we’d love to help you take the stress out of your wedding planning process and give you the most enjoyable experience possible. 

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There are no “silly questions”. We know more about Wine Country wedding venues and planning than anyone. We can help you find a venue that matches both your vision and your budget.