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Our journey began with a question: Could there be a way to simplify the event planning process, for both the venue and the client, while enhancing the overall experience and success of the event for all parties involved?

The Milestone Events Group team comes together with a demonstrated record of success, and over 40 years of combined experience in all aspects of the industry, to create a better way.

Fully aware of all of the realities and challenges that are a part of this industry, and having experienced hundreds of events first hand, we developed a business model and process that makes it better for the site, the client, and all of the suppliers involved for every event.

Why Milestone?

Milestone works exclusively with some of the most beautiful and sought-after venues Wine Country has to offer. We began with a mission to provide our clients the convenience of choice and to enhance and simplify their experience. We guide our clients through the process of selecting a venue from one of our partnered sites ensuring it closely matches the desired location, style and budget they envision.
By selecting one of our Milestone managed properties, you will experience a level of support throughout your planning process that is unique to Milestone managed venues.

Once a venue has been selected, our team of event experts assist you throughout the planning process and the production of your event, creating a seamless transition from beginning to end. Our team is dedicated to producing an event that exceeds your expectations.
We know your time is precious and with one call you will receive a personal consultation allowing you to explore all of our properties beginning from the convenience of your home.

From the venue site tours, to the on-site meetings with various suppliers, our team is there for you. Understanding the ins-and-outs of your rental order, the ideal layout of the various spaces, and even providing a day-of-timeline for your event are all part of the Milestone difference. We are at your service to manage each step of the process, and at your side providing support on every important decision.

Our Values

More about the author 1. We win as a team

Everyone’s opinion is valued and we recognize that the best solutions come about through collaboration.


2. You can count on us to do it right 

We own our client’s experience and, as such, we own the responsibility for making sure expectations are met throughout the process.


3. Bad news fast and first 

Things happen, and the sooner we know means the sooner we can take measures to fix the problem. We pride ourselves on stepping forward, owning it, and being a part of the solution.

4. We seek innovative ways to consistently improve our client experiences

We embrace new ideas and change because they provide us an opportunity to be creative and to improve the client’s experience.


5. Leveling 

We owe it to each other to provide honest feedback intended to help us improve at every chance. Little improvements create big differences if we all work consistently on the honest assessment of our performance.


6. Have Fun 

If we enjoy working together in an environment that is focused and fun, our clients will too, and that is something they truly deserve.

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