Weddings are Expensive

Weddings are Expensive Weddings are expensive because they are not just a party. The amount of time taken to provide a high level of service, deliver quality products, and the labor needed to execute a great wedding costs money, and there is no way around it.   The average cost of getting married in the US […]

Wedding Videography- Why it’s worth it

In the 1980s when camcorders became part of our memorializing life, wedding videography started to develop into a business.  Before that, only the wealthy could afford the expense of having a professional record their wedding using costly and bulky equipment.   As technology progressed, wedding videography has become part of every wedding and more affordable than ever before.   […]

Champagne Wedding on a Beer Budget

Lots of couples, with brides in particular, have an amazing vision in their heads about what they want their wedding day to look like.  While these aspirations are great, sometimes the budget you are working with can get in the way of your dream wedding.  Here are a few tips for how to keep have […]

We’re Engaged! Now what?

We’re Engaged, Now What?  Congratulations! We are so happy for you.  Our first suggestion is to take a moment to take that in – breathe, enjoy a glass of wine, and celebrate with your significant other.  Wedding planning is a sort of beautiful chaos, so enjoy the calm.   As a venue management company, one of […]

If Saturday is Good, is Friday BETTER?

When selecting a wedding date, most couples automatically assume they should book a Saturday.  There may be good reasons for that, but in our experience, there may be some really good reasons to consider a Friday as an alternative.  If a Friday is selected, as opposed to a Saturday for your reception, a chain reaction of things starts to happen.    Before we begin, let’s cover this […]

A Fresh Approach to Finding a Wedding Venue

Rustic stone & wood barn with market string lights and moonlight glowing with guests mingling. Finding a wedding venue is easy with Milestone.

Finding a wedding venue can be a hassle. The average couple touring potential sites in wine country will visit between 12 and 20 locations before finding a wedding venue. Assuming a crammed schedule, that’s 4 to 5 days of making appointments, driving to sites, fitting in some quick bites to eat so you don’t pass […]