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21 Mens Wedding Attire Ideas for 2024

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Let’s face it, today, more than ever, trying to figure out what to wear to a wedding can feel like scaling Everest.

Do you need a tuxedo or a suit? Should I rent or buy? Should I wear wool, linen, or cotton?

It’s overwhelming and you might need some mens wedding attire ideas.

Not to mention that it feels like now more than ever, more and more weddings are eschewing dress codes, which can leave you feeling lost on what’s appropriate to wear.

Luckily, we’ve decided to try and help simplify things for you by cutting through the noise and bringing you our top recommendations for mens wedding attire.

Whether it’s a black-tie event or a casual get-together, this list has you covered for what to wear this wedding season with recommendations for suits, tuxedos, shirts, or accessories.

Check out our tips to help you look your best next time you watch someone walk down the aisle.

Black Tie Mens Wedding Attire Ideas

Black Tie Wedding attire is the most straightforward and the most limiting.

Black Tie translates to a black tuxedo, white shirt, and a matching bow tie— typically worn with black patent leather shoes (think James Bond in, well, most James Bond movies).

It’s striking. It’s classy.

But pulling it off? That begins and ends with a well-tailored tuxedo, which means if you’re planning on renting a tuxedo, be prepared to look like someone in a rented tux and NOT 007.

Our advice? Stick to the script. Buy a nice tux and get it tailored accordingly. In the end, that’s the only thing that will matter.

Black Tie Wedding Attire Ideas for Men


mens wedding attire ideas

Black Tie Optional Mens Wedding Attire

Let’s start off by addressing the misnomer. The black-tie, in this case, being optional in only the loosest of terms.

Basically, black-tie optional means that if you can, you should wear a full tuxedo. However, you can get away with a black suit in a pinch.

But if you want to spice things up, you can swap the bowtie for a black satin necktie. Or, if the season permits, maybe try a dark velvet tuxedo.

Alternatively, avoid any light color suits or dinner jackets. This is almost as formal as it gets, so keep things monochromatic and steer clear of crazy socks or, god forbid, khakis.

Black-tie optional Wedding Attire Ideas for Men


Formal Mens Wedding Attire Ideas

Time to break out the suits.

This one is easy. Get yourself formal affair, a dark wool suit paired with a white dress shirt and matching tie is the way to go.

You can try to hype up the look with a pocket square to add a little variety or color, but it’s best to keep it minimal and refined.

For shoes, opt for black leather, but patent leather is not a must. No need to see your reflection in your shoes.

Like black tie optional, avoid lighter colors and try and keep things as classic as possible.

Formal Wedding Attire Ideas for Men

Cocktail Mens Wedding Attire

For many, cocktail attire translates to business casual. The wrongness of this can’t be overstated. Cocktail attire for a wedding is your chance to really try and one-up your friends.

Vintage patterned blazers? Good to go!

Got a pair of funky shoes at a thrift store? Break ’em out!

That Pink Flamingo pocket square you got in a Subscription Box? Hell yes!

But don’t go overboard on the statement pieces. You don’t want the other guest thinking you look like you got lost on your way to a pick-up artist convention.

Stick to a single statement piece and keep the rest of the look simple and classic.

Cocktail Wedding Attire Ideas for Men

Casual Mens Wedding Attire

Ah, the casual wedding. It may seem like carte blanche to wear whatever you like. But, like anything else, there’s more to the casual wedding than meets the eye.

While casual weddings may seem laid-back, it’s essential to strike the right balance between comfort and style.

First of all, keep your denim at home. It doesn’t matter if you spent $200 on some raw denim— jeans are an absolute no-go.

Instead, opt for a pair of casual dress pants, khakis, or chinos.

Think a step above business casual, and you should be OK.

Accessories should be kept minimal, with black or brown shoes depending on the color of your suit and a simple tie.

Casual Wedding Attire Ideas for Men

casual wedding attire

Summer Wedding Attire

Leave the heavy wool suits at home; it’s time for seersucker, linen, and cotton. The most important thing being, of course, that your outfit is lightweight enough that you don’t end up sweating like a pig through the ceremony.

Your best bet is a lightweight white cotton dress shirt paired with a seersucker, off-white, or light blue suit. Ties tend to be optional (also jackets, no one expects you to wear a jacket in 90℉+, but it’s better to have one than not).

Accessorize the same as you would for a casual wedding. Simple pocket square and practical brown leather shoes.

Summer Wedding Attire Ideas for Men

wool suit
wool suit

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Mens Beach Wedding Attire

Dressing for a beach wedding requires a balance of style and practicality. Consider the event’s formality and opt for light, seasonal colors to complement the seaside setting. Lightweight fabrics and minimal accessories ensure you stay cool and comfortable while enjoying the ocean breeze.

Getting married by the ocean can seem like a dream, but it can cause a lot of confusion to guests trying to decide just how exactly they’re supposed to dress. Instead of worrying about your dress code, you’re more focused on wearing something that keeps you cool and comfortable.

To start, check to see how formal the event is going to be. Formality will help decide whether you need a jacket, tie, cumberbund (kidding.), etc.

From there, focus on keeping your colors light and seasonal. Also, it’s a good idea to keep a handkerchief on hand to help keep you dry.

Beach Wedding Attire Ideas for Men

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With more variety than ever, choosing the perfect wedding attire can be an adventure. Remember to prioritize comfort, fit, and adherence to the dress code.

Whether you’re donning a tuxedo for a black-tie event or embracing casual elegance for a beach wedding, let your personal style shine through and enjoy the celebration in style!

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