Which Wedding Website is Best?

Selecting a Wedding Website to Use   For today’s couples, a wedding website is indeed a necessity. The most basic website will communicate with your guests for you by sharing essential details about your big day. With many customizable features, you can choose what options work for you.   Here is a list of what some of […]

Will Wedding Venues Negotiate the Price?  

Will Wedding Venues Negotiate the Price?   When considering different wedding venues, it is helpful to understand what might be negotiable and what is not.   Venues tend not to be very flexible with their pricing, but a few factors will influence their willingness to negotiate:       Pick off-season months and be flexible with your date.   Consider […]

Wedding Etiquette-When to Leave the Party

How Late Should a Wedding Guest Stay  You’re going to a wedding stag, your wife is pregnant and exhausted, you have an early flight in the morning, all of these are common with wedding guests who are excited to be a part of your big day, but the main question on their mind is: how late do I need to stay? Below are a […]

Wine Country Weddings & COVID-19 Virus

—Milestone Events Group Reports Postponements But No Cancellations of 100+ Weddings On Their Books For 2020— (Sonoma County, CALIF)—The $200+ million Sonoma County wedding marketplace has yet to be significantly impacted by the spread of the COVID-19 virus, according to Milestone Events Group, Sonoma County’s largest wedding venue marketer and wedding event planner. However, Milestone is […]

How to serve mixed drinks at a Winery Wedding

mixed drinks made with soju

Want to have a full bar at your Winery Wedding? Here’s how to serve mixed drinks at winery weddings and still follow the rules. One of the nuances of hosting your wedding at a winery is that there are some limitations as to what can and cannot be served from a beverage perspective.  Clearly wine produced by the […]