Wedding Videography- Why it’s worth it

In the 1980s when camcorders became part of our memorializing life, wedding videography started to develop into a business.  Before that, only the wealthy could afford the expense of having a professional record their wedding using costly and bulky equipment.   As technology progressed, wedding videography has become part of every wedding and more affordable than ever before.   […]

Hiring a day-of Wedding Coordinator: Why it’s important

Day-Of Wedding Coordinator with bride and groom

We know what you are thinking… “We can save money by planning the wedding ourselves.”  Let us stop you right there!  Yes, you can save money by planning the wedding yourselves, but have you thought about who will actually control the overall flow of the event once the big day finally arrives?  We bet we […]

Wedding Tips from Wine Country Wedding Experts who have “Seen it All”

Your wedding, such a beautiful thing.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could predict and prepare for a seamless event, beginning to end, for your group of 100+ guests that are arriving from hither and yon?  Well, we can’t foresee all that you might encounter, but we can give you a head’s up on some […]

What Season in Wine Country is Right for you?

Newly engaged, and one of the first things you need to decide is selecting a wedding date! There are many pros and cons of each season here in Sonoma County. Read more to find what season in Wine Country is right for you, and suits you best!  Spring  Pros:   Cost: Since Spring time is right in between slow and peak wedding season. Getting […]

Wedding Music: DJ or Band?

In thinking about the decision to select a DJ or band for your wedding, perhaps some of the following would be of interest to consider. In the clear majority of cases its one or the other. So what’s important to YOU? Some couples want to make a statement and part of that statement is utilizing a […]

A Fresh Approach to Finding a Wedding Venue

Rustic stone & wood barn with market string lights and moonlight glowing with guests mingling. Finding a wedding venue is easy with Milestone.

Finding a wedding venue can be a hassle. The average couple touring potential sites in wine country will visit between 12 and 20 locations before finding a wedding venue. Assuming a crammed schedule, that’s 4 to 5 days of making appointments, driving to sites, fitting in some quick bites to eat so you don’t pass […]