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32 Creative Wedding Party Gifts Ideas

Wedding Party Gifts Ideas

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Your wedding party is full of people who love you and are doing all they can to make your wedding as unforgettable as possible. It is important to have wedding party gifts ideas in mind for your friends or family getting married.

Here are 32 creative wedding party gifts ideas to go the extra mile and show your wedding party the same love and appreciation they’ve been showing you. 


Personalized Compact Mirrors 

compact mirrors for Wedding Party Gifts Ideas

Whether it’s monogrammed or somehow personalized for your wedding, a compact mirror is a great and practical wedding party gift idea. They’re easy to fit into a tiny backpack for everyday use, or even a clutch if you’re at a fancier event (like a wedding!). Plus, a full mirror isn’t always available and having to constantly check yourself out with your phone camera drains battery. Your wedding party will definitely appreciate having an easily accessible mirror to look their best at your party and on the go. 

Check out the deals at Things Remembered

Personalized Tote Bag

Tote bag for wedding

Your wedding party has a lot to juggle to make sure you have the best possible experience. Help your party help you with a tote bag to keep all their necessary items in one safe place. While everyone appreciates getting a good quality bag, monogramming the totes adds a thoughtful and personal touch to the gift. And like the compact mirror, a tote is something your party can get a lot of use out of even after the wedding is over. It’s a practical gift with a great memory attached!

Check out the deals at Zazzle



Hydration is key, especially during a big day like a wedding that has lots of nerves involved. Keep your wedding party hydrated with a personalized drink tumbler. Tumblers are cute and easy to place in a car or even a bag (see above!). And for those of you who are concerned for the environment, a tumblr also makes for a great environmentally friendly wedding party gift. Keeping your wedding party hydrated while reducing the use of plastic bottles certainly counts as killing two birds with one stone. 

Check out Shutterfly Tumblers

Engraved Flask


If your wedding party’s all over the age of 21, they’ll surely appreciate this fun gift idea! Ensure your party drinks responsibly at your wedding and beyond with some personal flasks. An engravement adds an elegant, adult touch. Celebrations and alcohol basically go hand in hand, and a flask as a party gift takes a little bit of the celebration from your wedding and adds it onto everyday life. 

Check out HomeWetBar flasks

Tie Clip

Tie clip

This wedding party gift idea screams both practical and dapper. Again, a tie clip is one of those necessary items that we often forget to get for ourselves. Your wedding party will feel grateful to you for helping them feel a little more put together. Plus, you won’t have to worry about ties flying everywhere ruining your wedding photo shoots. 

Check out the custom tie clips at the Pin People

Passport Holder

passport holder

Help your wedding party travel in style with some sleek passport holders! A holder can make your passport look distinct if you’re looking for it in a pinch, and with a monogram, everyone will know who it belongs to. Your wedding party will definitely appreciate this little bit of sophistication.

Check out the passport holders at Mark and Graham

Duffle Bag

Duffle bag for Wedding Party Gifts Ideas

We all live busy lives and need to carry around a bunch of stuff. Help your wedding party keep themselves organized with a personalized duffle bag. They make keeping around an extra change of clothes or other emergency items so much more simple. Who doesn’t want adulting made easier?

Check out the custom duffel bags at Bagmasters

Personalized Toiletry Bag

toiletry bag

Are there frequent travelers in your wedding party? Because they will definitely appreciate a toiletry bag that’ll keep their items safe inside a suitcase. It’s terrible to open up a purse to find all your toiletries scattered everywhere, especially right when you need them. This wedding party gift idea is both personal and prevents disaster. 

Check out the toiletry bags at Mark & Graham

Portable Charger/Charging Tray

Portable charger or charging tray

Now this is a wedding party gift idea that absolutely no one will turn down! There’s nothing worse than being out and about and having your phone suddenly run out of battery when you need to use it. Help reduce the anxiety of not having a working phone on your person; your wedding party will absolutely thank you for it later. 

Check out portable charger options at Best Buy

New Headphones

Headphones for a gift

Everyone at some point needs to turn off the noise and listen to their favorite songs in public, and some good quality headphones can make the gym or the walk to work much more enjoyable. If you know the people in your wedding party have had the same ear buds since 2011, some new headphones may be the right gift idea for them!

Check out the headphones at Best Buy

Card Holders

card holder wallet

No more having to stumble through your wallet right when you have to pay! Card holders are just as spiffy as they are practical, and you can look into getting them personalized for that extra special touch. Just stick it in your purse (or in your tote or duffle bag!), and all your cards are safe. 

Check out the card holders at Kate Spade

Fancy Pen

fancy pen

A tiny gift that packs a big punch: if you’re looking for a subtle yet elegant gift idea, gifting your wedding party some high quality pens will go a long way. If you’re constantly writing notes and signing important papers, a comfortable writing utensil is of utmost importance. And there’s nothing like a fancy pen to make you really feel like you’ve got your stuff together!

Check out the luxury pens at Sheaffer

Engraved cufflinks


If you’re on the hunt for yet another dapper and practical wedding party gift idea, look into personalizing some cufflinks for the members of your party. They make an already crisp dress-shirt look even better, and your wedding party can remember your wedding when they need to suit up. 

Check out the cufflinks at Things Remembered

Personalized Lighter 


This is another wedding party gift idea that although small, will be very much appreciated. Lighters are always a necessary item, and having one be personalized honestly sounds pretty gangster.Your wedding party will think of you every time they flash their lights at a concert (or when they light the nice candle you potentially got them too). 

Check out the options at eLighters

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If you want a wedding party gift idea that combines comfort, self care, and even some style, then pajamas are a great choice. Whether it’s a fancier set  or even just some comfy pajama pants, this will surely be a hit for everyone in your party. Monogramming or personalizing them is also fairly easy to do, and matching pajama pics can make for a fun and relaxing wedding party photoshoot. 

Check out Eberjey Monogrammed PJs

Luxury Candle

luxury candle

Candles aren’t usually items people splurge on every day, so it makes for an especially exciting wedding party gift. You cater the fragrances to the tastes of everyone in your party, and it’s sometimes even possible to personalize the candle too.  How your wedding party uses it is up to them, but they’ll definitely appreciate this little bit of luxury to remember your wedding by.

Check out the candles at Anthropologie


fuzzy slippers

Your wedding party’s going to have a lot of downtime after celebrating you, so help them catch up on some needed rest and relaxation with some slippers (bridesmaids will definitely appreciate this one after a weekend in high heels). Slippers already make a great gift on their own, but they pair really well with the pajamas or even the candle. It’s a playful gift idea that  adds some extra comfort to any bedtime routine. 

Check out the Judith March custom fur slippers

Free spa treatment

free spa treatment

Invest in an act of self care. This makes for a thoughtful wedding party gift idea because chances are, your wedding party has recently been spending a whole lot of time thinking about you. A spa treatment not only shows that you’ve been thinking about them too, but a massage or a facebook gives your wedding party some time to focus just on themselves. They’ll definitely thank you for it! 

Beauty Set

beauty set for Wedding Party Gifts Ideas

If you have a particularly beauty or fashion-savvy wedding party, then this is the gift for them. The good thing about this gift is you can personalize a beauty box if you have time on your hands, or you can get a fancy prepackaged set from your favorite beauty retailer. With this gift, your wedding party can make every day feel like an event!

 Check out the gift value sets from Sephora

Skincare Kit

Skincare kit for Wedding Party Gifts Ideas

A healthy and thorough face washing routine is paramount for looking and feeling your best. Skincare takes a few minutes out of your day, but it makes all the difference! A skincare kit makes for a thoughtful wedding party gift idea because you’ll be helping your wedding party make the most of their mornings and evenings, and they’ll look their best for the wedding pictures. 

Check out the skin care sets at Sephora

Spa Gift Basket

spa gift basket

OK, so maybe not everyone has the time for a spa getaway. In that case, a spa gift basket brings the self care right to your home! Help the members of your party make some much-deserved time for themselves, on their own schedule. Consider it a personal relaxation station, from you to them. 

Check out the gift baskets at Harry & David

Fancy Lotion

Fancy lotion

Get your wedding party one step closer to baby smooth skin! A good quality lotion with a nice fragrance can do wonders for dry skin, especially fresh out of the shower or right before bed. You can get them a few samples of different lotions to try out and keep in a bag, or perhaps even a bigger tin that will last them a while. Either way, their skin will thank you.

Check out the lotions at Jo Malone


Personalized jewelry

necklace for Wedding Party Gifts Ideas

For the sentimental gift-giver, a piece of jewelry is an excellent option. A necklace or a pair of earrings already give a boost to an outfit, but now your party will have the added bonus of a great memory behind their accessories. If you’d like to combine a good present with some sentimental value, then jewelry is the wedding party gift idea to consider.  

Check out the personalized jewelry at Things Remembered

Wine Tasting Box

Wine tasting box

Are there any wine aficionados in your wedding party? If so, consider gifting them a subscription to a wine tasting service. They’ll get new wines to sample every month, so they can keep discovering new favorites they maybe wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. Treat them to the first few months; they can cancel any time. But if they like the service, it’s a gift that keeps on giving. 

Check out a Bright Cellars Wine Subscription

Luxury Box Of Chocolates

box of chocolates

This is an awesome wedding party gift idea because, well, it’s chocolate. And while chocolate from your favorite convenience store may do the trick too, take this opportunity to spoil your party with some high quality sweets! Unfortunately, though, you can’t really customize this one because like Forrest Gump said, you never know what you’re gonna get. But that’s arguably part of the fun. 

Check out deals at Godiva

Book Of The Month Subscription

book of the month subscription

Perhaps you know someone trying to do some more reading, or you just know a downright bibliophile. In any case, Book of the Month makes for a super unique and creative wedding party gift idea. Book of the Month caters a box of books to send subscribers every month, so you’re getting books just for you. Help your wedding party find their new favorite reads!

Choose a gift subscription plan here.


turntables for Wedding Party Gifts Ideas

A turntable makes for a fantastic out of the box deal whether the members of your wedding party are casual music listeners or full blown hipsters. It’s a fun vintage gift idea, and a turntable makes for an interesting conversation piece in any room. It’s also super exciting to have all your favorite records in a physical form, so as an extra bonus add in their first record to start their collection. 

Check out Target’s options for Turntables


succulents for Wedding Party Gifts Ideas

If you’re looking for a quirky wedding party gift idea, look no further than a succulent! Succulents are generally easier to care for than most other houseplants, and they look good in a big living room or in a smaller office space. Plus, there are tons of physical and mental health benefits to having plants around, so this outside-the-box gift is definitely worth considering!

Check out this succulent gift delivery service.

Leather-bound Journal

leather-bound journal

The notes app on your iPhone can be great for quick memos, but nothing beats writing things down by hand, especially if you’re writing in a fancy journal. Gift your wedding party some nice leather bound journals that they can use for whatever they need, whether it’s lists or just a place to vent. Perhaps you’ll even get a thank-you note on some fancy journal paper. 

Check out the options at Barnes and Noble

Decanter Set

Decanter set for Wedding Party Gifts Ideas

A decanter set is another very “grown up” wedding party gift idea. Decanters look great as dining table centerpieces, and they help you make the most out of your classy alcohol consumption experience. You can even look into getting the decanters engraved if you want to take that extra fancy step. 

Check out the decanters at Williams Sonoma.

Photo Books

photo books

If you’re the crafty type and have a lot of time on your hands after the wedding is over, then making the members of your wedding party their own personalized phone books might be the perfect gift idea for you! You can fill the book with your favorite photos and memories. Your wedding party will certainly appreciate the effort you put in and will really feel appreciated.

Look at templates or make a custom book on Blurb

Personalized Throw Blanket

throw blanket

Optimize your wedding party’s levels of coziness by treating them to some personalized throw blankets! Whether you’re falling asleep on the couch or don’t feel like remaking your bed (or you just feel like walking around with a blanket draped over your shoulders), you really can’t go wrong with a long lasting blanket. Your wedding party’s going to need the rest after making sure your wedding goes perfectly!

Check out the blankets at West Elm

Artificial Flower Arrangement

artificial flower arrangement for Wedding Party Gifts Ideas

Flowers are lovely, but it’s always sad to watch them wilt. Artificial flowers are a super fun and out of the box gift idea that’ll brighten any room! They’ll smell and look good for a much longer time, and you can personalize them to have your wedding party’s favorite flowers and colors. 

Check out the arrangements at Diane James

Tea Subscription

Tea subscription for Wedding Party Gifts Ideas

Want to help your wedding party wind down after all the festivities? Then consider a tea subscription service! They’ll definitely appreciate this gift whether they’re looking to try out some flavors or they’re a full blown tea addict. It’s the perfect gift for a cold winter’s night or for when you need a breather in the middle of a long day. 

Check out the deals at Sips by

Wrapping Up Wedding Party Gifts Ideas

Again, your loved ones are just happy to be there and to be included in your celebrations. You have a whole team who wants the best wedding possible for you, anything you do for them will just be a happy surprise. When in doubt, it’s the thought that counts when it comes to wedding party gifts ideas.

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