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Wedding Table Sizes

Wedding table sizes, queens tables, farmwood tables at wedding

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Getting married and having a hard time figuring out logistics for seating? Wedding table sizes can be tricky if you don’t plan weddings everyday, but they don’t have to create stress.
Here is an expert guide to your tables: types, sizes, how many 
people can fit comfortably 

Rectangle tables, commonly known as “banquet tables” are best suited iyou have a narrower dining area or are short on event space. Rectangle tables will elongate the room and are also great for gathering bigger groups of friends together. You can get away with doing a variety of small floral arrangements or long pieces of garland for décor on these tables.

Rectangle tables come in various sizesFor dining, an 8’ by 30” table works best if you have a simple table design, meaning small floral arrangements, 1 water glass, minimal china or glassware. They also work well with buffet or plated style meals. You will want to use a wider table if you are doing family style, such as an 8’ by 40” table to allow for more space.  

When considering how many people per table, a 30” table is best with guests sitting on either side and not “capping” the table, meaning one at either end. A 40” or “queens” table is also ideal for 8 guests, great for all service styles as they provide more table space. A 48” wide table or “kings” table is great if you want to add a guest to either end of the table, making them 10 tops. To compare sizes and what fits comfortably at each table, see diagrams below. We recommend giving 2’ or 24” of space per guest for the most comfortable dining experience on a rectangle table.

Round tables are great to achieve a communal dining atmosphere. Guests can easily engage in conversation with others sitting around the table. They work well if you need to fill up space, or if you are working with a unique event spaceYou can also mix different sized round tables to accommodate more guests at a table if needed, without changing the look completely.  Mixing and matching your wedding table sizes and shapes is becoming more popular too and can create more visual appeal.

Round tables are measured in inches, by diameter, usually a 48” table, or 4’ across will accommodate 6 people comfortably, a 60” table will accommodate 8 people, and a 72” will accommodate 10 people. These numbers can give or take a bit when considering your design. Below are diagrams of the different round table sizes and suggested number of seats per table.  

Our standard table scape typically includes: 2 forks, 2 knives, a charger or napkin setting, water glass, wine glass, and champagne flute for the table. The more glassware and flatware you have, keep in mind the more space you will need at the table. 

There are multiple options for planning your wedding tables sizes and tablescape online and working on your layout. We use Aisleplanner as a resource and other commonly used options include and Social Tables.
A professional wedding planner will be able to assist you in formatting your layout to scale and fine tuning what’s best for your event flow and guest count.

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After the venue selection process is complete, Milestone is also available to help produce events in a stress reduced and highly professional manner.

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