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What Does A Wedding with 50 Guests Look Like?

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Wedding of 50 Guests 

Congratulations!!! You have decided to start planning your wedding of 50 guests. A smaller wedding is so much easier to plan and much more enjoyable. You will worry less about the large crowd coming and enjoy your day so much more. 



Many venues have maximum capacity due to space and city/county permits. Typically, when you go over 100 guests, your choice of sites is reduced by 50%. Your world is your oyster with a wedding with 50 guests, so you can have your reception almost anywhere you want. Maybe you have a relative or friend who has the gorgeous backyard you remember as a kid and played in. Perhaps it is a winery that is so warm and welcoming. Is it the creek that you had your first kiss? Did you meet at the library or a coffee shop? If you are an art lover, have your wedding at an art gallery. All these types of venues can accommodate 50 guests and makes your wedding unique.    


Having a small wedding with 50 guests also allows you more money to spend on essential things like good food, good drinks, and beautiful decorations.  Catering can range from $65 to $120 per person. The dollars can add up quickly when hosting 200 guests. Then you may be forced to make unwanted cuts to accommodate those 200 guests. Keep your guest count small, so you and your close family and friends can enjoy a delicious meal. Maybe you will have some left-over funds to put towards your future too!!  


small wedding and reception can have an entirely different feel for you and your guest. You can have a dinner that is intimate and fun that you can spend time visiting with your guests rather than merely saying hi and moving on to the next guest. Having a smaller wedding may allow you more funds to pay for a specialty bar/beverage, which is always memorable for your guests.     

Music lover? You may want to have a violin playing background music during the dinner and then bring the band out for dancing into the evening. Many people cannot afford both, but with a smaller wedding, you can have it all!!  

How often do you get family groups together all dressed up? Another advantage is to have your photographer to spend time taking family group photos. What an excellent thank you gift for your guest to provide a family photo in a frame.   


About the author: Milestone Events Group is Northern California’s most experienced Wine Country Wedding Experts & largest event management company providing site selection services to multiple locations throughout Sonoma County. Over the past 6 years Milestone has helped hundreds of couples simplify the venue selection process by providing clarity, predictability and ultimately confidence for clients who work with them to evaluate wineries, ranches, and other locations for their private events.  


After the venue selection process is complete, Milestone is also available to help produce events in a stress reduced and highly professional manner. 




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