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Wedding Videography – Why It’s Worth It [Update 2021]

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In the 1980s when camcorders became part of our memorializing life, wedding videography started to develop into a business.  Before that, only the wealthy could afford the expense of having a professional record their wedding using costly and bulky equipment.   As technology progressed, wedding videography has become part of every wedding and more affordable than ever before.  

Should or Should Not 

This is an item that isn’t necessary, yet it is.  Ever hear someone say, “I was so nervous I don’t even remember saying my vows,” or, “I was so busy at the reception visiting with people I missed Aunt Sue dancing”?  A videographer is an excellent extension to the photographer and more.  Not only will they video the entire event, but you will get the sound.  After all, don’t you want to make sure you remind your husband he said for better or worse!  Everyone loves to look back at their weddings and hear the speeches again or watching old Aunt Sue on the dance floor.   


Weddings can get expensive.  For some, it may require making some choices and prioritizing.  A wedding videographer can cost around $2,000 for a full event.  Plan for that in your budget and see if that will work.  If not, you can shave some costs by having just your ceremony recorded.  The other thing to consider is deciding whether you want them to edit the video or not.  If you wish for them to edit, this takes time, which then costs money, so think about if you are okay with raw footage or not.   

Sit, back, relax and enjoy the movie!!! 

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