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How To Serve Mixed Drinks at a Winery Wedding

mixed drinks made with soju

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Want to have a full bar at your Winery Wedding? Here’s how to serve mixed drinks at winery weddings and still follow the rules.

One of the nuances of hosting your wedding at a winery is that there are some limitations as to what can and cannot be served from a beverage perspective. 

Clearly wine produced by the host winery should be the star.
That is what they are in business to do
, and what their permit (typically a type 02 permit) allows them to do.  This permit also allows other alcoholic beverages to be legally served at their site, but these drinks must be made using alcohol made through a process called fermentation rather than distillation. 

Fermented products are widely represented by such items as wine, beer, brandy, pisco, soju and cider. These drinks are typically lower in alcohol than distilled spirits and can be combined with other ingredients to produce cocktails that taste similar to the distilled version but are legally allowed to be consumed at a winery. 

Follow this link to see a list of drinks that can be legally made and served at a winery that are made with Soju, a substitute for vodka.

While there are many options that can be served, we typically recommend you limit your selections to 1 or 2 signature drinks of this nature during the post ceremony cocktail hour. After that, we suggest you and your guests take full advantage of the great locally grown and produced wines that your site has to offer 

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