Wedding Theme- Do you need one?

mirrored disco balls in fountain at Valley of the Moon Winery during a wedding

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So, you found your ideal partner and want to plan the ideal wedding too, right?
Consider a wedding theme- do you need one?


A wedding theme will clearly express your vision for your special day.  Making the choice can be difficult, but once you have decided on a theme, you will be more directive in your venue selection, décor, attire, food and entertainment.  Although a theme isn’t necessary, having one may set your wedding apart from other weddings that your guests have attended, and will leave a lasting impression.   

Ever sit at a table that you don’t know the others?  Having a wedding theme can help break the ice and start a conversation among strangers, and then they no longer are strangers!  

 Theme Ideas 

Is your groom Irish?
Have a traditional 
Irish wedding, kilt and all. 

Love the tropics?  
Have a Hawaiian themed wedding and ask your guest to dress tropical.  This can be very fun for a guest to dress comfortably and enjoy the decorations and food.   

Are you a movie buff?
Maybe love the old classics?  You can have fun with this 
theme having trivia games for your guests, music from iconic movies playing in the background, popcorn served during a short film about the couple. 

Are you a wine connoisseur? 
Have your 
wedding at a winery  You and your guest can enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the grapevines and have fun with a little wine tasting.  

Did you meet at the beach? 
Have a 
wedding in the sand and a reception that reflects that feeling of the ocean.  

Mexican Food lover?  
Fiesta style wedding with pinata’s and food truck can be entertaining. 

Are you a country girl? 
Celebrate at a 
ranch venue, cowboy boots, hay bales and country music. 

Southern Bell? 
Show everyone the 
southern way with gloves, bow ties, sweet tea, and tartlets. 

A bit old fashion
Get married at an old historic building and bring out the lace tablecloths and have fun with some old fashion furniture and make a lounge area at the reception.

Love the Desert?  
Warm colors, terracotta pots with cacti and succulents can be a unique way to decorate and then bring on the Southwestern food. 

What is your wedding style? 
Take a 
quiz and find out.

Destination Weddings
Your theme may take you to a destination where family and friends need to travel.  You may take their travel into consideration as some may not be able to travel or cannot afford it so this will make a difference in your guest count.  If you choose a destination wedding, you may want to discuss with your family to make sure they have enough time to plan for travel and can handle the cost.  This could mean your wedding may need to be pushed out farther than your original plan.  

About the author: Milestone Events Group is Northern California’s most experienced Wine Country Wedding Experts & largest event management company providing site selection services to multiple locations throughout Sonoma County. Over the past 6 years Milestone has helped hundreds of couples simplify the venue selection process by providing clarity, predictability and ultimately confidence for clients who work with them to evaluate wineries, ranches, and other locations for their private events.

After the venue selection process is complete, Milestone is also available to help produce events in a stress reduced and highly professional manner.

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