Wedding Music: DJ or Band?

How do you decide to hire a DJ Or Band for your wedding music

In thinking about the decision to select a DJ or band for your wedding, perhaps some of the following would be of interest to consider.

In the clear majority of cases its one or the other.

So what’s important to YOU?

Some couples want to make a statement and part of that statement is utilizing a band that they are fans of and is also possibly known to many of their friends. If that is your motivation, your path is clear and it’s time to see if they are available when you want to book them.

Other couples are also interested in a band option, but do not have a predetermined selection yet in mind.

When considering a band, it is useful to consider the following:
+ The cost range in Wine Country is typically $1,980 for a 3 piece, $3,490 for a 5 piece and $5,500 for an 8-piece band.
+ There are increased power requirements that may or may not mandate a generator. To be safe, it’s good to ensure that 2 separate 15-amp circuits are available for use by the band.
+ Bands require some space for themselves and their equipment. This can subtract from the overall space at your site, but it is important to account for it. Additionally, some bands require a stage and, as a rule of thumb, a 5-piece band would need a x 12’ X 16’ stage which would rent for $720.00
+ The humans in the band will also typically require some sustenance. Caterers know this, and you should budget for each member roughly $25 – $30 for the evening’s meal.

For those couples that for one reason or another are not interested in a band, the other option is, of course, a DJ.

When considering a DJ, it is useful to consider the following:
+ The cost range for a DJ in wine country is typically $1,700 – $2,500.
+ A DJ will need approximately 10-amps of power and it will be important to insure there is a way to get the power cord from the power to the DJ and to their speakers in a safe manner. No one needs to be tripping on wires as part of your wedding’s entertainment.
+ A DJ needs to be in sync with you and your partner. You need to be sure that their personality and energy is what will mesh with the vibe you are looking to create. If you can see some videos of them, or even see them at an event, it’s not a bad idea.
+ The choice of playlist is ultimately yours, but your DJ is also a good source of what might work or not. In the end however it’s about you, so make sure you listen to your playlist in the order you set it up and envision how that will influence your guests.

In addition to the preceding there is one other piece of advice that we cannot stress enough: that has to do with sound or more accurately volume. There is not a member of a band or a DJ that does not like the music turned up, nice…and…. loud! Without overgeneralizing, many in the music industry have had a lifetime of listening to music nice…and…. loud and as a result, the sound that resonates with them is not only loud but also bass heavy.

All good in their car or home, but at your reception there are unintended consequences.

Most obviously is that people cannot hear each other and begin to move away from where you want them, in effect draining the very energy you wanted at that point in the evening. For that reason, we suggest you discuss this with your selected provider and have a trusted friend, or two, work to monitor the sound that evening to make sure it is at an optimum volume.

As an aside, even better, you do not have to take any heat regarding this because most event venues have noise restrictions as part of their use permit. If you ever feel you need that as a cover, it is real since the property also does not want to annoy neighbors as a result of a thumping sound late into the evening.

So, DJ or Band??
That is a question only you and your partner can ultimately decide, but we hope these tips has exposed you to some items that may be helpful in your decision.

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