Weddings are Expensive

Weddings are Expensive Weddings are expensive because they are not just a party. The amount of time taken to provide a high level of service, deliver quality products, and the labor needed to execute a great wedding costs money, and there is no way around it.   The average cost of getting married in the US […]

Are Wedding Venue Deposits Refundable?  

Are Wedding Venue Deposits Refundable?     As we all navigate our changing reality with the onset of COVID-19, this question has now become more relevant than ever before.   Venues will typically require a deposit between 25% to 50% of the site fee or estimated charges when booking your wedding. If you need to cancel, here […]

How To Stay Organized While Planning Your Wedding

Table setting for a winery wedding with blue goblets

How To Stay Organized While Planning Your Wedding  With so many little details, it is not difficult to lose control during the wedding planning process. Below are some tried and true tips from the experts to ensure your wedding organization plan is in top shape, and you are set up for success.    Streamline  Save yourself […]

Wedding Videography- Why it’s worth it

In the 1980s when camcorders became part of our memorializing life, wedding videography started to develop into a business.  Before that, only the wealthy could afford the expense of having a professional record their wedding using costly and bulky equipment.   As technology progressed, wedding videography has become part of every wedding and more affordable than ever before.   […]

Wedding Theme- Do you need one?

mirrored disco balls in fountain at Valley of the Moon Winery during a wedding

So, you found your ideal partner and want to plan the ideal wedding too, right? Consider a wedding theme- do you need one? Why?  A wedding theme will clearly express your vision for your special day.  Making the choice can be difficult, but once you have decided on a theme, you will be more directive […]

Champagne Wedding on a Beer Budget

Lots of couples, with brides in particular, have an amazing vision in their heads about what they want their wedding day to look like.  While these aspirations are great, sometimes the budget you are working with can get in the way of your dream wedding.  Here are a few tips for how to keep have […]

If Saturday is Good, is Friday BETTER?

When selecting a wedding date, most couples automatically assume they should book a Saturday.  There may be good reasons for that, but in our experience, there may be some really good reasons to consider a Friday as an alternative.  If a Friday is selected, as opposed to a Saturday for your reception, a chain reaction of things starts to happen.    Before we begin, let’s cover this […]

Wedding Budgets: Where to focus your dollars

Wedding budgets: Where to focus your dollars

Wedding Budgets: Where to focus your dollars  Whether your budget is small or large, there are certain things you will want to pay attention to when deciding where to focus your dollars. Venue While some may gasp at the price of a venue for the wedding day, consider what a beautiful and well equipped venue will save you […]

Top 5 Things People Forget When Choosing a Wedding Venue

An intimate moment of a couple embracing at Valley of the Moon, Beautiful vines behind them!

If you are like most couples, you have sorted through hundreds of web pages searching for the perfect venue to host your wedding.  When you finally plan your site visits, there are some things you should ask about that could save you dollars as well as a lot of stress for your reception when choosing […]