What Does it Take to Produce Your Wedding?

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So, you’re getting married, Congratulations cheap priligy !
As you wind your way toward the finish line, have you ever wondered how many people does it take to produce your wedding?
Your wedding production is a huge part of creating the perfect day for you.

The process of getting married is comprised of a variety of key actions:

Website First, and foremost, you need to meet that special someone.

Next, you both determine if there is long term potential in one another.

Often friends and family are brought into the loop and everyone provides feedback.

And finally, one asks, one answers (affirmatively), and what was once the hard part is now behind you.

Then are congratulations and questions and questions and more questions – where, when, how many, what type, and on, and on, and on……..

Part of what makes planning a wedding so fun / stressful / awesome / hard / exciting / and tiring is that you literally become the contractor of a large-scale operation.  Regardless if you use a planner, or not, the buck does stop here. Then it’s you (and your partner) that must provide input and direction relating to hundreds of decisions regarding your wedding production.

Those questions are generated by the vendors you are evaluating and ultimately decide to employ. They set in motion a surprising amount of people and effort to help design, prepare and help you achieve your vision on your wedding day. Much like a stage or Broadway show, there are a lot of hands on deck in wedding production.

So, what does it take exactly?
Let’s assume your wedding is “average sized” here in Wine Country.  That would mean you are planning for about 100 – 140 guests at the winery / barn / cave / ranch you have chosen as the site for your modern / rustic / elegant / country wedding reception.

In looking at the chart below we see the primary categories of vendors typically employed at a wedding, and the quantity of people that are associated within their organizations whose on-site labor makes it possible for you to have that great event you have been planning.

Venue 1-2
Event Management 2
Caterer 3 Bartenders

10 Servers

3-5 Chefs

Rentals 3-4
DJ/Band 1 DJ

5-10 Band

Florist 2
Cake / Desert 1
Photographer 2
Transportation 2

All in all, we find that there are typically 35- 45 people that are at your venue, actively participating in bringing, setting up, making, serving, entertaining, recording, cleaning up, and breaking down your wedding.

If you also consider the amount of people behind the scenes who check, clean, prepare, organize, etc., this number easily doubles.

So again, congratulations! We know there is a long road ahead until your wedding day.  But don’t worry, because you are about to have a large team behind you that is experienced and knows how to properly support their team and your vision, so that you and your guests have a wonderful time and great memories. Consider your wedding production a success!

About the Author — Milestone Events Group is Northern California’s largest event management company providing site selection services to over a dozen locations throughout Napa and Sonoma. Milestone simplifies the venue selection process by providing clarity, predictability and ultimately confidence for clients who work with them to evaluate wineries, ranches, and other locations for their private events. After the venue selection process is complete, Milestone is also available should the client select to help produce their event in a stress reduced and highly professional manner.

Visit us at www.milestoneeventsgroup.com

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