How to Keep the Other Half Involved in Wedding Plans

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purchase robaxin online When planning your wedding, with your soon to be, often the workload might seem off balance with one person taking on the majority of the tasks and decisions involved.  This is an exciting but stressful time and there are some strategies to keep in mind to help keep you connected during this process.

This is the first party that you are throwing as a married couple, and likely the largest, so leaning on one another is only appropriate.

Schedule a date, say once every two weeks, to sit down and tackle the details together.  For both of your sanities, try to save your questions, ideas, big decisions and comments for this time when you are together specifically for this purpose.  Two brains coming at things from different perspectives and working together will make the entire process seem a bit easier and more inclusive.

Play on each other’s assets and strengths.  If one is super handy, have them craft, build an arbor, or make a welcome board.  If you’re really organized, perhaps tackle the seating chart or layouts.  If you love music, direction for the DJ and band are all yours.

Another approach is to delegate your tasks.  One of you might handle the transportation, music and table assignments, while your partner manages the photographer, rentals and décor.  Both should be involved in the big decisions for venue and catering but divide and conquer remembering to collaborate on final details to keep each other on task.

Make sure you know what each other’s vision of this day is and keep that in mind.  You are marrying your best friend so be willing to compromise and take their ideas and input into consideration.  Encourage each other to speak honestly with one another throughout this planning process.  The end result will be much better as a result.

Keep in mind this is a day for both of you to celebrate your love for one another.  Keep the planning balanced and as relaxing as possible.  Lean on one another, you’ve got this.

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