A Fresh Approach to Finding a Wedding Venue

Rustic stone & wood barn with market string lights and moonlight glowing with guests mingling. Finding a wedding venue is easy with Milestone.

how to purchase dapoxetine buy priligy new zealand Finding a wedding venue can be a hassle.

The average couple touring potential sites in wine country will visit between 12 and 20 locations before finding a wedding venue. Assuming a crammed schedule, that’s 4 to 5 days of making appointments, driving to sites, fitting in some quick bites to eat so you don’t pass out, trying to determine what site said what, and what site includes what, not to mention which site has the wine that you like best, so that you can finally take a deep breath and tell a site they are the one.

Since the typical couple is spending over $30,000 on their wedding, not including the previously mentioned 4-5 days visiting sites, how do you simplify the process, reduce the cost and still arrive at the best choice during these difficult FOMO times?

Pretend you are searching for a place to live.

Our first suggestion is to treat this search in the same way you would search for an apartment or house. Neighborhoods exist for wineries, just like they do for housing. Are you okay with a commute? How far off-the-beaten-path are you and your guests willing to go? Within what distance would you want your overnight lodging to be? What’s the weather like in the areas you are considering – the wine is different due to microclimates, which means the weather is different due to the microclimates. While schools are not that important for this decision, perhaps access to a church is a factor. How readily available and plentiful is parking? These are all things that you would think about when choosing a home, so why not think about them when finding a wedding venue?

Same theme, only closer.

Are you a sucker for a view, or is a cozy environment your happy place? Are bathrooms something to luxuriate in, or simply use? Do you always keep the windows closed, or do you like to enjoy the outdoors?

It’s time for dinner – is restaurant quality what you look for in the food and the ambiance, or do you like some adventure in your meal to help add to the experience? Casual BBQ? Lobster and Caviar?

Music you say? It must be time to dance – do you only twirl on USBDA (US Ballroom Dance Association) approved dance floors, or are wood, concrete or even hardpan acceptable if the music keeps you going?

And finally, when it’s time to leave at the end of the night, how are you about the night? We know it’s going to be dark, but how dark – city street dark? Moonlight dark? Flashlight dark? It’s yet another small thing, but all of these taken together may help you determine what venue you want to live in on your special day.

Rest easy, we can help.

With over a dozen wedding venues in Wine Country, Milestone can assist you in finding a wedding venue. We schedule a quick call, determine your style, discuss your budget and guide you towards the right location. No sales pitches or hidden agendas. We work with the best locations in the business and custom select the right couples for these locations. We have all the calendars, the breakdown of what’s included, vendor info and provide you with a super helpful wedding budget estimator that’s catered to your specific needs. Let’s chat so you can breathe a little easier?

About the AuthorMilestone Events Group is Northern California’s largest event management company providing site selection services to over 14 locations throughout Napa and Sonoma. Milestone simplifies the venue selection process by providing clarity, predictability and ultimately confidence for clients who work with them to evaluate wineries, ranches, and other locations for their private events. After the venue selection process is complete, Milestone is also available should the client select to help produce their event in a stress reduced and highly professional manner.

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