Wedding Budgets: Where to focus your dollars

Wedding budgets: Where to focus your dollars

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Whether your budget is small or large, there are certain things you will want to pay attention to when deciding where to focus your dollars.


While some may gasp at the price of a venue for the wedding day, consider what a beautiful and well equipped venue will save you in décor costs. If a location has stunning scenery, great lighting and ample assets, you will spend less on your rental costs as well. In most cases, you can let the view be the décor at the right property. Additionally, when your venue has a full kitchen, bridal ready room, restrooms and parking, this is the best place to focus your dollars. 


The biggest portion of your budget will likely go towards your food and service.  It is very important to have good service when it comes to food because this will help you stick to the timeline.  The last thing you want to happen is for your guests to be eating cold food or waiting 20 minutes for their dinner to be served.  Having enough servers and bartenders will make everyone have a great time as they will not be waiting long for food or drinks, and this will also maximize your time on the dance floor. 

Upgraded Chairs, Simple Decor 

One great way to dress up the event space is to rent specialty chairs or dining tables.  There are various chairs available through rental companies such as Bistro chairs, Chiavari chairs, Ghost chairs, Mimi chairs, and so on. While these can get a little pricey depending on the style, they are gorgeous and can likely be utilized during ceremony AND dinner.  Some venues will already include standard chairs and tables with the site fee, so it is not necessary to focus your dollars here, but it is a nice way to dress up the space if you do not want to provide or rent lots of excess décor.  We do not recommend bringing over the top décor for your wedding.  What were you planning on doing with 200 candle votives, weddings signs, and lanterns after the event?  We suggest having florals that can be repurposed throughout your event, a handful of candles here and there, and small, personalized décor that you will use after the wedding.  


Another great thing to focus your dollars on is music and entertainment for your guests.  You will want a DJ or band that can get your guests up and dancing, and who will play music that everyone can dance to. A professional DJ follows the rules of the venue, listens to your requests and can guide the flow of the event perfectly in unison with the catering team and your other vendors. Hiring an inexperienced DJ to save a few dollars will be something you likely regret after your big day. Quick tip: In the end, don’t spend your money on items you will not use after the wedding.  Focus your dollars on things that will leave a lasting impression on your guests, and that will keep your guests happy throughout the event.

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