5 Dangers of Using a Friend or Family to Plan Your Wedding

In 2017, the national average cost of a wedding in the U.S. was about $30,000. For some, this can be double or triple the amount one has saved and budgeted for his or her wedding. Having a wedding now a day’s, can cost the same amount as purchasing a new car, putting a down payment on a house, or even more! Come on let’s be real-getting married can be very expensive.

In the world we live in today, people expect their wedding to look like the ones seen on tv, movies, magazines, and social media. But while taking a peak into their wallet, most come to the harsh realization that the dream wedding they’ve always hoped for is far from reach. So, what will most people do? Many couples will do anything and everything, literally everything, to make their dream wedding come to reality.

From firsthand experiences, we see couples who try to take shortcuts in an attempt to make that dream wedding happen.  The biggest shortcut we see is where couples try and do everything on their own, and not hire professional vendors, because it is cheap or free.  Some insist they can plan everything without a planner, their mom can make all the floral pieces, Uncle Mike can take all the photos, or their old college roommate can DJ and manage the playlist all night, just so they can stay within budget. They insist their “friend-ors” can do it all. In other words, Family members/Friends who become their vendors.

Here are five reasons why we KNOW this is a huge mistake.

    1. Guest Experience:
      You want friends and family members to be able to enjoy your special day, just as much as the other guests at your wedding.  Although many relatives might be reluctant to say no to a request for help from the Bride and Groom, do them a favor (and yourselves as well) and don’t ask.  It’s an unnecessary stress and burden for them.
    2. You get what you pay for:
      During the planning process, many couples don’t consider the ultimate impact of their decisions.  Many times, these friend-or decisions are made in an attempt to help with the budget, rather than looking at the value of going with a professional.  What happens when Uncle Bill who is assigned to photograph your wedding fails to capture The Cake Cutting or other special moments.  Do you blame him, or do you blame yourselves for choosing the easy free route.
    3. Professionals are more experienced: 
      When you hire a professional, you can almost bank on the fact that they have done this dozen and dozens of times.  There is nothing worse than having a friend-or involved that needs to be directed on the day of your wedding.  They likely have never been to your venue and do not know the ins and outs of maximizing what it has to offer.  The professionals have so many suggestions and helpful tips that will make your wedding more beautiful and seamless.
    4. Ruined Relationships: 
      Yes, as much as you think this won’t happen, there is a good chance of straining your relationship with your friend-or by opting to have them help at your wedding.  Whether it’s them not feeling appreciated by you, or you not feeling satisfied with their work, it’s a recipe for disaster.
    5. Commitment:
      Hiring a friend or family member can be risky at best.  Most of the time, there is no formal agreement, nor a fee.  With no contract or incentive, you do run the risk of someone breaking their promise.  Your best bet is to hire professionals who work for you and are completely committed to you and your needs.

It might be tempting to lean on your friends and family as the inexpensive and easy option, but hiring professionals will allow you to de-stress, knowing you are in highly capable hands, and truly enjoy the planning process and the wonderful day that is your wedding.

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